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Humiliation Piece is a one-woman show which puts the private world of the female masochist into the excruciatingly public arena of the theatre. Comic, awkward, and at times frightening, it asks exactly what an audience wants to see on stage, and challenges what we think of as 'entertaining' in performance.

Louise wants to be everything to you tonight- this is her last chance. Watch her squirm and struggle through a dastardly game of Truth and Dare controlled and judged by you: she's willing to go that extra mile to keep that smile on your face, but if she fails, she knows punishment lies in your hands. A one-woman crusade to the ultimate exhilarating performance, think Truth-or-Dare meets X-Factor-judgement-day meets Fun-House-gunge-tank: what does entertainment mean to you?

Humiliation Piece was first performed at Pilot Night, The Public (Birmingham), 2011, and has since been shown at:

Hitparaden Festival (Copenhagen), Latitude Festival (Suffolk), Summerhall (Edinburgh Festival), Poolside Emergency (Liverpool), The Basement (Brighton), Buzzcut (Glasgow), Flint Microfest (Wiltshire), inXtricable (Leeds), RichMix (London)

'Brave stuff indeed' *** (Across the Arts)

'A potent mix of awkwardness and openness, she is certainly a performer to watch.' **** (Broadway Baby) 

'Orwin is superb at probing the uncomfortable idea of audience complicity' (Simon Gwynn)

'Orwin is up to the task. By the end of the piece I feel she has actually being playing with us and not the other way round'. (Bellyflop Magazine)

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