The OH YES OH NO workshop can tour alongside the show, or is also available to book as a stand alone workshop, please contact participation@louiseorwin.com for more details.

I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.’ Joan Rivers


Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what turns me on, and the politics of desire: how it is performed, and how we can understand it in our current political climate. I want to know if I can own my turn-ons in an empowered way, and begin to untangle it from the narrative of heteronormative desire that patriarchal culture weaves for us.

This is a workshop for those who want to get to know more about their own desire, in a safe space. I’m inviting you on a journey of sexual exploration with me: no-hold-barred questioning, sharing, and discussing of all things S-E-X. The workshop will be approached the way I approach my own work in a gentle, inquisitive format, with a mixture of exercises to include: meditative exercises, writing, reading, and a lot of discussion. 


The workshop runs for a day (11-4pm). For times and locations please click on the booking link below.


This workshop is open to female-identifying persons who are over the age of 18. You must be available for the duration of the workshop to apply. (Please note a gender neutral workshop is available too).

These workshops are kindly supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation.


The two day workshop with Louise Orwin was an unforgettable experience. I went in with apprehensions about sharing personal information about a subject that is still fairly taboo to 14 strangers. However, I did not need to worry as Louise ensured that the space was safe, supportive and understanding. Through several writing and practical exercises and lots and lots of discussion and conversation, we delved deep into questions surrounding female desire and sexuality. It was a fascinating and much needed experience. The act of sharing intimate stories and details of my life to a room full of supportive women helped dismiss my fears, anxieties and presumptions around my own sexual desires. There is something magical that happens when women come together collectively and create a community, even a temporary one, to share their thoughts and feelings. It is empowering. Louise's workshop, though only two days (and I wish it had been longer!), impacted me greatly. I left feeling a lot of emotions, predominately ones of love and utmost respect and adoration of women. I left feeling empowered sexually and emotionally. Immediately after I shared everything I had learnt with my girl friends. I really wish every woman had the opportunity to experience Louise's workshop. It was truly invaluable. 

 The Oh Yes Oh No workshop far surpassed my expectations. Louise created a safe space for open discussions, like I had never experienced before, the honesty and depth of the conversations were empowering. It was advertised as 'no holds barred' and it really was. It was the environment and the structure of the workshop that allowed this. I was very nervous at first about discussing sex, sexuality etc with people I didn't know in such depth but by then end I wanted to share everything! and hear everything! It was actually very tiring and very cathartic. The workshop helped me learn a lot about myself and others perspectives on sex, sexuality, identity, consent amongst other things. The workshop had a vast impact on the solo show that I was creating and performing for Brighton Fringe 2017; the show became brutally honest (in a positive way!), touching on themes and experiences many of us go through but don't have the confidence to talk about including sex and sexuality. This workshop gave me the confidence to talk about them within my performance and audience members thanked me for that. Without this workshop I may have skirted around the issues, hinted at them, but not gone into them; reflected, laughed, discussed, cried etc and this is what I believe theatre is all about! The workshop had such an impact that the majority of us have stayed in touch and attend other workshops together, keep each other up to date on our projects etc., My only criticism would be I WISH IT WAS A WEEK! I think Louise should continue developing and touring these workshops or workshops like these, as they are an important, freeing, creative space for like-minded artists, to connect, explore and talk about issues that are very personal and very relevant.

This workshop gave me so much more than I ever could have hoped for.I was not prepared for how engaging, fun and touching those couple of days would be. Her captivating way of leading the exercises made me come up with so many worthwhile ideas that I have then utilised within my own practice. The way in which the sharing between workshop participants was handled created an atmosphere of trust and openness that I think can only be achieved in a very special environment.