The Loneliness of Crowds

(or How to Crowdsource a Crowd)

                     A collaboration between louise orwin and eugenie pastor

Created for Forest Fringe at Latitude Festival 14-17 July 2016.

The Loneliness of Crowds is an immersive experience for one to two blindfolded participants. Helped by a few committed volunteers, artists Eugรฉnie Pastor and Louise Orwin re-create for the participants the experience of a festival crowd. The 10 minute long experience sees the participants take part in a karaoke, crowdsurf, shelter from the rain and dance. At the end of their experience, the participants' blindfolds are removed, they are invited to stay for the next round, and in turn, contribute to the next participant's experience, providing the same care and gentleness they received.

Lyn Gardner on The Loneliness of Crowds

The Loneliness of Crowds is available to tour. Get in touch with Louise